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Tear Gas Grenades are gas pellets used by the Bat Family to take out criminals if the situation gets too hot. Batman, Robin, and Batgirl have these grenades in their belts and over the series they have used them at least once.

In I Am the Night the GCPD and Batman got into a firefight with The Jazzman and his thugs. Batman threw Tear Gas into the windows but Jazzman got the jump on them and shot Jim in the chest. Batman almost quits but in the end he and Robin defeat Jazzman and he is returned to Stonegate for good.

In It's Never Too Late Batman confronts Arnold Stromwell at his office to pick up a file to convict Rupert Thorne. Stromwell draws his gun expecting trouble and he soon gets it as a gas canister comes soaring through the window. Thorne gets the jump on them and throws gas into the room. Batman manages to grab his gas mask in time and he and Stromwell manage to escape.

INTL 46 - Tear Gas

Batman and the GCPD are not the only ones who use gas in this scene Rupert Thorne gets the jump on Batman and Stromwell and throws a gas grenade through the window. Batman and Stromwell anticipating trouble don gas mask and manage to escape the room with Thorne right behind them.