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This is a transcript of the Batman: The Animated Series episode "Terror in the Sky" from season one, which aired on November 10, 1992. It is divided into dialogue sections for better comprehension.

Eat & Run

  • Worker 1: That's it. Keep her steady. Now crank another engine. (a giant bat attacks and starts eating some of the fruit) Whoa! Wha-- Ah! Ugh, ah... (bat throws boxes) Ah! Ah! Ugh, forget this.
  • Worker 2: Yeah, it can have the fruit!

(Bat flies away from the dock and into the city, landing on the balcony of a house and opens the door)

A Dream... or Is It?

  • Kirk Langstrom: Ohh!
  • Francine Langstrom: Kirk! Kirk, what's the matter?
  • Kirk: Nothing, maybe... I'm not sure.
  • Francine: Another nightmare? You've been having a lot of those lately. Is there something you wanna tell me? (Kirk shakes his head no) Then lie down. Go back to sleep.
  • Kirk: I need some air. (steps on fruit) Ugh...
  • Francine: Now what?
  • Kirk: Uh, nothing. Go back to sleep.

(At the docks, the police investigate the attack. Batman listens from an alley)

  • Worker 2: I'm tellin' ya it was some kind of animal! A monstrocity!
  • Worker 1: The wingspan had to have been fifteen feet!
  • Worker 2: With huge fangs and claws —look what it did to the fruit!
  • Officer: Yeah, uh, thanks. We'll... we'll get right on it.
  • Batman: Alfred.
  • Alfred: Trouble Master Bruce?
  • Batman: You could say that. Reports of a huge bat creature the size of a man. Remind you of anybody?
  • Alfred: Present company excepted? Indeed, sir, it does. I take it Dr. Langstrom has somehow become the Man-Bat again.
  • Batman: It seems that way.
  • Alfred: You don't think he's taking that formula of his again, do you?
  • Batman: I don't know. But I know where I can find the answer.


(Francine finds the shredded rug in the trash and visits Kirk's workplace)

  • Francine: Huh?
  • Francine: Dad! Where is he, Dad?
  • Dr. March: I'm not your husband's keeper, Francine! He won't even work with me anymore, remember?
  • Francine: Can't you see I'm worried? He's experimenting again, with the bat mutagen. I'm sure of it.
  • Dr. March: Well I wouldn't know anything about that! He's been hold up in there since before I got here. Why don't you ask him yourself? I'm busy with my own research!

(Kirk is working on the mutagen in his lab when Francine barges in)

  • Francine: I can't go through it again, Kirk. I won't go through it!
  • Kirk: Francine...
  • Francine: Why Kirk? Why would you do this to me? You promised!
  • Kirk: It's—It's not what you think!
  • Batman: The devil it isn't. I'm sick and tired of cleaning up after you, Langstrom!
  • Kirk: So, people have spotted it?
  • Batman: Yes. You must have some kind of death wish to take that stuff again, Doctor!
  • Kirk: What? You think it's happening deliberately? If I'm transforming, then that thing is still inside me! I'm not taking the forumla!
  • Francine: Stop it. Stop it! I'm sick of hearing about that thing! I'm sick of my life! I'm sick of you!
  • Kirk: Francie, Francie wait!
  • Batman: If you haven't been taking the formula again, then what's all this?
  • Kirk: What do you think? I've been trying to clean up after you! Obviously, your so-called “antidote” didn't work. How could it if I'm still transforming? Don't you get it Batman? You failed!
  • Batman: Alright, let's prove it. Give me your hand.
  • Kirk: What are you doing?
  • Batman: (taking) A DNA sample. I'll run some tests. We'll see what the truth is. -- Look Langstrom, if you're right--
  • Kirk: (Bitterly) Save it. You've done enough already.
  • Batman: I'll be in touch.

Batman VS She-Bat

(the giant bat attacks Batman at his bike)

  • Batman: What?
  • Civilian: Hey, lookout!
  • Man: Huh?
  • Woman: Look!
  • Batman: (Sarcasticly) The end of a perfect day...

(back at the Batcave...)

  • Alfred: Indeed Master Bruce, it does seem that with a lot more luck, you would've had him.
  • Bruce: I think I've got all of him I need...


  • Kirk: Well, if she's not at the ticket counter, could you page her, please? This is her husband.
  • Batman: Langstrom. I have news.
  • Kirk: Francine's gone. She really left me! Not that I can blame her. Who wants to live with a monster!?
  • Batman: You're not a monster, Langstrom, not anymore. My tests show that the original antidote did work afterall. I also got a sample of the creature's DNA and after comparing them, I'm certain the monster is someone else. A new bat creature. We're both off the hook.
  • Kirk: But... if it's not me, then--
  • Batman: Let me worry about that. You've got other problems.
  • Kirk: Right. Maybe I can catch her before her plane leaves. You sure you don't need any help?
  • Batman: Don't worry, I'll take care of everything.

(Batman goes to Dr. March's lab)

  • Dr. March: Put that down, now! Or I'll fill you with so much tranquilizer, you'll be out for a week.
  • Batman: You couldn't leave it alone, could you March? You recreated the mutagen!
  • Dr. March: Recreated it? I've refined it! At night, on my own, so the others wouldn't know. I still believe only a creature like a Man-Bat can survive the next evolutionary cataclysm. And it will. My new serum could be even more powerful than even Kirks! (Batman kick the gun out of his hands) Oof!
  • Batman: “Could be?” What do you mean?
  • Dr. March: I needed to test it, but before I had the chance--
  • Batman: You mean you haven't taken it?
  • Dr. March: Of course not! The experimental batch was destroyed after--
  • Batman: Destroyed how?
  • Dr. March: I'd been working through the night. I was just completing the final combination. Francine burst in. I was startled. You have to understand, I was very tired I accidentally dropped the beaker. The whole night's work, ruined! Francine never guessed what I was doing, she even helped clean up the mess. All that... glass! Oh! Oh my lord! Francine! The mutagen! It's in her bloodstream now! Oh no! (sobs)
  • Batman: Is that what it's going to take, your daughter's life, before you end this insanity?

Terror In The Sky

  • Flight Attendant: How can I help you, M'am?
  • Francine: I-I'm afraid I'm not feeling very well. Could you bring me some asprin?
  • Flight Attendant: Certainly.
  • Francine: Kirk? Of all the ridiculous stunts-I told you--
  • Kirk: No Francine, this time I talk, you listen! Whatever the creature is, it's not me! The Batman can prove it!
  • Francine: B-but how? Who?
  • Kirk: What's the difference anymore? Come home. -- Honey, what's wrong?
  • Francine: I...I-I don't know. Ohh...

(Francine uses the restroom and begins panicing as she transforms into the bat creature, scaring the passengers)

  • Flight Attendant: Aaaahh!!
  • Kirk: Francine? -- Francine!! -- Francine!!!

(She-Bat breaks out of the airplane causing a vaccum inside the cabin)

  • Co-Pilot: Cabin pressure dropping.
  • Pilot: Gotta take her down.
  • Co-Pilot: Hancock One-Four-Four to GCA control: Cabin pressure is dropping. Requesting emergency landing immediately, do you copy?

(Batman intercepts transmittion and flies to plane)

  • Flight Attendant: Hold on!

(Francine saves Kirk while Batman saves the Flight Attendant and closes the door to the plane)

The Nightmare Ends

(Batman chases Francine to the top of the Gotham Gate Bridge and gives her the antidote x2)

  • Francine: Kirk...

(Kirk saves a disoriented Francine from falling)

  • Kirk: I gotcha honey. And this time, I'm not letting you go!
  • Francine: Kirk.
  • Kirk: The nightmare's finally over.