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The Batman Adventures 1
The Batman Adventures Cover 1
Penguin's Big Score
Cover Date October, 1992
Cover Artist Ty Templeton
Writer Kelley Puckett
Penciler Ty Templeton
Inker Rick Burchett
Colorist Rick Taylor
Letterer Tim Harkins
Editor Scott Peterson
The Batman Adventures 2

The Batman Adventures 1 is the first issue of The Batman Adventures comic book series. It was published in October, 1992 by DC Comics.

It features the first appearances of Batman, Penguin, Joker, Hamilton Hill, Alfred Pennyworth and Commissioner Gordon in the comics.

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Penguin's Big Score[]

The story is divided in the following chapters:

  • Act One: Charm School Dropout!

Penguin and his gang are hanging out in their hideout when they suddenly receive a mysterious package. Inside they find a large monitor and instructions to turn it on at 6. Penguin activates the machine and a mysterious person comes to the screen and offers Penguin the chance to be accepted by society in return of a simple favor: stealing. Penguin refuses until he discovers that the mysterious man in the monitor is none other than The Joker.

Penguin and his thugs successcully steal from the First Bank of Gotham, while Batman arrives too late to stop them and is distracted saving the guard.

  • Act Two: Top of the World, Ma!

Shortly afterwards, Penguin becomes known as the most prominent philantropist of Gotham City, as he has started to donate large amounts of money to several organizations across the city. Penguin is the guest of honor in various TV programs, but his actions are watched closely by Batman, who is certain that Penguin is responsible for the recent bank robberies that have taken place.

Without evidence, Batman investigates and finds a possible connection between the crimes and The Penguin, after which he decides that Bruce Wayne will attend a gala party at the Gotham Plaza Hotel. The ceremony is organized by Mayor Hamilton Hill, who calls upom Commissioner Gordon to present an award to the greatest patron of the GCPD: The Penguin, who donated one million dollars to fund the police. At that moment, Bruce Wayne arrives and word spreads that he recently donated two million dollars, taking away the award from Penguin.

Frustrated, Penguin decides to steal from Wayne Enterprises to bankrupt Bruce Wayne.

  • Act Three: Power of the Press!

Penguin and his gang break into Wayne Enterprises and attempt to steal from the vault of the company, unaware that everything is part of Batman's plan to capture them. Once they are inside, Batman turns off the lights of the building and takes down the thugs one by one. Finally, Batman confronts Penguin, who has broken into the vault and challenges him, asking him about the previous bank robberies. Penguin cofesses, but tells Batman that there is still no evidence against him, to which Batman simply points out that his confession has been recorded and is soon broadcast on every major news outlet. The Penguin is finally taken by the authorities, but somewhere in Gotham, Joker is glad to have accomplished the first step on his master plan.

Notes and Triva[]


  • "The way I see it, a man should be judged not by his past, but by his sense of style. The way he handles himself. Grace under pressure. And if any of you snobs have a problem with that, then let's go! Man to man! I'm right here!" - Penguin
  • "I must say, sir, that when I observe the Penguin's efforts at conquering the field of public opinion... I find myself wishing he'd stuck to crime." - Alfred

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