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The Batman Adventures 17
The Batman Adventures Cover 17
The Tangled Web
Cover Date February, 1994
Cover Artist Mike Parobeck, Rick Burchett
Writer Kelley Puckett
Penciler Mike Parobeck
Inker Rick Burchett
Colorist Rick Taylor
Letterer Richard Starkings, Comicraft
Editor Scott Peterson, Darren Vincenzo
The Batman Adventures 16
The Batman Adventures 18

The Batman Adventures 17 is an issue of The Batman Adventures comic book series. It was published in February, 1994 by DC Comics. It features the first appearance of Ra's al Ghul in the comics.

Appearing in "The Tangled Web"[]

Featured Characters[]

Places, Items and Vehicles[]

The Tangled Web[]

The story is divided in the following chapters:

  • Act I: Into the Shadows

  • Act II: New World Order

  • Act III: What Doth It Profit a Man?

Notes and Triva[]

  • On page 10, panel 1, Batman is disguised as Ali Yasa, kneeling before Ra's al Ghul. On the letter pages of The Batman Adventures 21; Scott Peterson explains that there should've been a word balloon with the words "I am Ali-Yasa, my lord"; as Batman introduces himself to Ra's. However, the baloon was misplaced during the printing process and Peterson said that mistake would be fixed in the collected edition. Unfortunately, the issue was never reprinted in a collected edition while he was editor of the books and by the time it was finally reprinted in 2015, the error was not fixed.


  • "I will not ask you again to join me -- I well know your objections to my methods. But I will keep you alive, Detective. The new world will need men like you." - Ra's al Ghul


  • This issue has been reprinted in the following editions: