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The Batman Adventures 21
The Batman Adventures Cover 21
House of Dorian
Cover Date June, 1994
Cover Artist Mike Parobeck, Rick Burchett
Writer Kelley Puckett, Michael Reaves
Penciler Mike Parobeck
Inker Rick Burchett
Colorist Rick Taylor
Letterer Richard Starkings, Comicraft
Editor Scott Peterson, Darren Vincenzo
The Batman Adventures 20
The Batman Adventures 22

The Batman Adventures 21 is an issue of The Batman Adventures comic book series. It was published in June, 1994 by DC Comics. The comic is a continutation of the stories of Emile Dorian, Tygrus, Man-Bat and Anthony Romulus after their respective last episodes on the series.

Appearing in "House of Dorian"[]

Featured Characters[]

Places, Items and Vehicles[]

House of Dorian[]

  • "Not yet written."

Notes and Triva[]


  • This city is a human place. I don't belong here. I don't belong with Selina. - Tygrus


  • This issue has been reprinted in the following editions: