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The Batman Adventures 25
The Batman Adventures Cover 25
Super Friends
Cover Date November, 1994
Cover Artist Mike Parobeck, Rick Burchett
Writer Kelley Puckett
Penciler Mike Parobeck
Inker Rick Burchett
Colorist Rick Taylor
Letterer Richard Starkings, Comicraft
Editor Scott Peterson, Darren Vincenzo
The Batman Adventures 24
The Batman Adventures 26

The Batman Adventures 25 is an issue of The Batman Adventures comic book series. It was published in Early November, 1994 by DC Comics. It features the first appearance of Superman in the DC Animated Universe, as well as the comic book debut of Maxie Zeus.

Appearing in "Super Friends"[]

Featured Characters[]

Places, Items and Vehicles[]

Super Friends[]

The story is divided in the following chapters:

  • Act One: Tik, Tik, Tik...

  • Act Two: Sinners in the Hands of an Angry Zeus!

  • Act Three: The Gods Must Be Crazy

Notes and Triva[]

  • This issue also features seveal bonus pin ups from various notable artists including Alex Toth, Dave Gibbons, Kelley Jones, Kevin Nowlan, Mark Chiarelly, Mike Mignola, Matt Wagner and Chuck Dixon.


  • "Power is power, Mr. Wayne." - Lex Luthor


  • This issue has been reprinted in the following editions: