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The Batman Adventures 3
The Batman Adventures Cover 3
Joker's Late-Night Lunacy!
Cover Date December, 1992
Cover Artist Ty Templeton
Writer Kelley Puckett
Penciler Ty Templeton
Inker Rick Burchett
Colorist Rick Taylor
Letterer Tim Harkins
Editor Scott Peterson
The Batman Adventures 2
The Batman Adventures 4

The Batman Adventures 3 is the third issue of The Batman Adventures comic book series. It was published in December, 1992 by DC Comics and features the first appearances of Harvey Dent, Harvey Bullock and Renée Montoya in the comics.

Appearing in "Joker's Late-Night Lunacy!"[]

Featured Characters[]

Places, Items and Vehicles[]

Joker's Late-Night Lunacy![]

The story is divided in the following chapters:

  • Act One: A Star Is Born!

  • Act Two: I Want My JTV!

  • Act Three: Flash in the Pan!

Notes and Triva[]

  • This issue marks the ending of the initial storyline which started in issue #1 of this series.


  • "Now here's that little secret I was talking about. There is no law and order in Gotham City. Only chaos. Random... destructive... chaos!" - Joker

Reprints Gallery[]

  • This issue has been reprinted in the following editions: