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This article is about the fictitious TV series featuring the Gray Ghost.
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Opening Credits for The Gray Ghost TV Series

"When crime haunts the night, a silent crusader carries the torch of justice. Those with evil hearts, beware, for out of the darkness comes... The Gray Ghost! "
―Introduction, The Gray Ghost[src]

The Gray Ghost was once a popular television series about a crime fighter in the city of Piedmont. It was produced by Spectra Studios.


Bruce Wayne used to watch this series with his father Thomas Wayne. Unfortunately, he missed the end of "The Mad Bomber" during its original run as he fell asleep.

Spectra Studios was destroyed by a fire at some point after the series' cancellation.

The lead character was played by Simon Trent. After the series was canceled, Trent had been typecast and had difficulty finding other parts. By the 1990s, he was living in the Chelsea Arms apartments and was behind on his rent. His manager Frankie often had the difficult task of informing him that he didn't get a part he auditioned for.

Interest in the series, and Trent's career, was revived after he and Batman teamed up to stop a crazed toy collector who was copycatting the lead villain from "The Mad Bomber". The series was released on video shortly afterwards and proved to be very successful.

Episodes of The Gray Ghost[]

These episode numbers and titles were seen on the shelf in the back of Simon Trent's closet. There may have been more episodes (since Trent claimed that he made "hundreds of those shows"), the titles of which we have not seen.

  1. "Have a Heart"
  2. "Red Ghost Run"
  3. "The Claw"
  4. "Take a Hike"
  5. "One on One"
  6. "Dr. Death"[1]
  7. "Jimmy's Homecoming"
  8. "The Doll Maker"
  9. "Gray Ghost Returns"
  10. "Missing Link"
  11. "The Card Shark"
  12. "Spy Smashers"
  13. "The Secret Chamber"
  14. "The Road Trip"
    BtGG 07 - The Mad Bomber

    Episode 18

  15. "Terror in the Sky"[2]
  16. "Earthquake"
  17. "Sweet Revenge"
  18. "The Mad Bomber"
  19. "Electric Man"
  20. --title not seen--
  21. "Sweating Bullets"


  1. Also the name of one of Batman's earliest villains in the comics
  2. Also chosen as the title of a the episode Terror in the Sky
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