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This is background information and production notes of the episode The Laughing Fish, from season one of Batman: The Animated Series.

Production Notes[]

  • This episode is based on three classic Joker stories from the comic books.
  • "The Joker's Five Way Revenge" from Batman #251. First published in 1973, it was written by Dennis O'Neil and illustrated by Neal Adams.
  • "The Laughing Fish" from Detective Comics #475 and "Sign of the Joker" from Detective Comics #476. Both comics were first piblished in 1976. They were written by Steve Englehart and illustrated by Marshall Rogers.
  • The dialogue between Commissioner Gordon and Batman in the last scene of the episode was adapted from the last panel of the comic Batman #321, first published in 1980.

Voice Acting[]

Some of the actors were left uncredited for their roles in the episode:

  • Robert Costanzo played one of the fishermen, who is probably named "Rocco", as listed in some credits. However, in these credits, Costanzo is credited as only having voiced that character and there is no mention to his role as Harvey Bullock.
  • Efrem Zimbalist Jr. also played a small part as one of the police officers.
  • George Dzundza was only credited for his role as G. Carl Francis, but he also played Thomas Jackson and one of the fishermen.
  • Mark Hamill also voiced the TV host, who didn't made an appearance in the episode.


"The Laughing Fish" has been released as part of the following Home video sets: