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"They are unaware of pain or fear, you can't defeat them, Batman!"
―Mad Hatter[src]

The Mad Hatter was a brilliant scientist who got fired for experimenting with mind control technology, he soon became an enemy of Batman, in The New Batman Adventures, he appears in a few episodes.


In Animal Act, Mad Hatter infiltrated the Haley's Circus Tour, the circus troupe Dick Grayson participated in as a child. Dressed as a circus clown, he implanted mind control circuitry upon the animals of the troupe and had them perform robberies. When Batman and Nightwing arrived at the troupe's site to investigate further, he had controlled the troupe's human members as well. However, in a fit of arrogance, his hat was destroyed and he lost control of his mindless minions. Apprehended once again, the Mad Hatter was returned to Arkham.

In the nightmare of Barbara Gordon (infected by Scarecrow), he is appear on talk show for the subject of conflict between Jim Gordon and Batman (accused of murder for his daughter Barbara), he is with Scarface, Harley and Riddler.

When Batman had disappeared from Gotham, the Mad Hatter, the Riddler, and Bane planned a coalition to control Gotham City. However, Superman (disguised as Batman) and Robin prevented the group from ever beginning their regime. Using Tetch's technological expertise, they were able to discover that alien influences were somehow controlling Bruce Wayne, which eventually lead them to Brainiac.

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