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The Man Who Watched Batman is an in depth analysis of Batman: the animated series Written by Review novelist and Comic writer Ken Johnson. originally separated into four Volumes, The book series breaks down each and every episode of the show line by line through its entire 110 episode run. This makes The Man Who Watched Batman the most detailed and in depth BTAS analysis ever made.

Volume # Cover Art by Episode #s
Volume 1 Comfort and Adam 1-28
Volume 2 Scott Rosema 28-56
Volume 3 Corrine Roberts 57-85
Volume 4 Seth Damoose & Sara Dhyne 85-110


The Man who watched Batman was originally created as a blog series. stuck in between jobs, Writer Ken Johnson had an idea to make a project out of watching the entirety of Batman: the Animated series for the first time. as he would watch it, he cataloged his thoughts and analysis on each episode. as the episodes started to add up, the idea of releasing as a review novel was created. in 2013, a much more primitive version of The Man who Watched Batman Vol. 1 was created for the first ever Midwest Media Expo in Detroit, MI. shortly after, the book gained the attention and admiration of Michigan based comic creators and publishers like Kasey Pierce, Travis McIntire, and Dirk Manning. Comfort and Adam were brought on after a successful Kickstarter campaign to create the original cover with subsequent covers all being created by Michigan based comic creators. in 2017, The Man who watched Batman: Ultimate edition, containing all 4 volumes combined alongside other bonus materials, was released to coincide with invitation to be a guest at the 2017 Grand Rapids Comic Con and hos ta mini BTAS reunion to mark the 25th anniversary of Batman: The animated series.