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The Riddler was an enemy of Batman in The New Batman Adventures.


Sometime after his incarceration, Nygma returned to his Riddler persona again, donning a much gaudier costume. When the Judge was incarcerating rogues, the Riddler appeared conducting a random heist. The Judge dropped an oversized book on him, which appeared to have at least critically injured him. He survived to resurface once again though, against all odds.

The Riddler, the Mad Hatter, and Bane later banded together to control Gotham during Batman's mysterious absence as few could challenge them. However, when "Batman" returned with Robin's aid, the two quickly foiled their scheme.



  • Like most of Batman's rogues, the Riddler underwent a revamp when he transferred from Batman: The Animated Series to The New Batman Adventures. He now sports a green, question mark branded jumpsuit, and no longer wears a mask. He also has his head shaved completely bald, similar to the planned design of the Riddler during the early development of the live-action film Batman Forever. His appearances in the latter series were brief, and he had no episodes specifically featuring him.