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This is general information about production inconsistences, mistakes and external references related to the episode The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne from season one of Batman: The Animated Series.

  • This episode's plot borrows many elements from the episode "Minerva, Mayhem and Millionaires"; from the Batman TV Show of the 1960s. Namely the idea of a villain operating withing a spa and stealing secrets from wealthy people by using a machine.
  • Joker's line "Time to fly the unfriendly skies" is a parody of United Airlines' slogan "Come fly the friendly skies".
  • As the plane plummets toward the canyon, the Joker emits a scream similar to the classic Goofy holler made famous by Disney's cartoon character Goofy.
  • The names on the videotapes in the drawer are those of members of the Production Crew: Felipe Morrell, John Morris, Randy Rogel, Dan Riba, Wayne Schulz, Dexter Smith, Jeff Snow, Rex Irvine, Jonathan Fisher, Romeo Francisco, Trish Burgio and Kaci Jeter were all people connected to the show.


  • When Strange tells the Joker that Bruce Wayne is Batman, the black makeup around the Joker's eyes disappears.

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