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The Ultimate Thrill
Episode 14
The Ultimate Thrill
Air date September 14, 1998
Directed by Dan Riba
Written by Hillary J. Bader
Music by Michael McCuistion
Airdate Sequence
Love is a Croc
Cult of the Cat
Production Sequence
Torch Song
Over the Edge
"Oh, baby! You're the best! The ultimate thrill! The final stunt! Me and you! Yeah. . . Yeah. .! YE-AH!"
- Roxy Rocket

The Ultimate Thrill is an episode of The New Batman Adventures. It is notable for introducing Roxy Rocket to the series. Roxy was first introduced in the comics based on Batman: The Animated Series and she gained enough popularity to be featured on the series.

"The Ultimate Thrill" is the 11th produced episode and the 14th episode aired of "TNBA".


A young woman by the name of Roxy Rocket starts a series of daring crimes until she eventually draws the attention of Batman, who sets out to stop her. Roxy manages to escape from Batman thanks to her personal rocket, which she uses as the getaway vehicle from the crime scenes. In their first chase, Roxy escapes and the Batwing is seriously damaged.

TUT 02 - Roxy Rocket

Roxy Rocket

Batman does a background check on Roxy and learns she used to be a stunt double in movies, but she lost that job because of her recklessness and because no insurance company would no longer cover her. Batgirl and Alfred realize that Roxy is a thrill-seeker and now that she's had a taste of Batman, she won't stop.

Meanwhile at the Iceberg Lounge, Roxy delivers the stolen goods to the Penguin, who is Roxy's associate, but he also learns of her encounter with Batman. Penguin realizes the danger of Batman discovering their alliance and warns Roxy to stop taking unnecessary risks, but the young gal won't listen.

Later, Lucius Fox and Bruce Wayne unveil a very expensive piece of art they have acquired at Wayne Enterprises. As expected, Roxy shows up and steals the item, but this time Batman follows her using a special jetpack. A hot chase across Gotham ensues and this time, Batman manages to damage Roxy's rocket, causing her to crash in a construction site. Batman confronts Roxy at that place and an impressed Roxy endangers the stolen art, knowing Batman will choose to save the item instead of chasing her. Roxy escapes once again, but this time Batman learns of her association with Penguin thanks to Batgirl's investigation.

TUT 08 - Batman and Roxy

Roxy meets Batman

Back at the Iceberg Lounge, Penguin learns of Roxy's latest encounter with Batman and decides to end their partnership. Penguin intends to kill Roxy, but she manages to escape from the Lounge, starting a fire in the process. Penguin is furious and sends his lovely minions to eliminate Roxy.

Later that night, Penguin is interrogated by Batman in his penthouse apartment, where Penguin tries to deny any involvement with Roxy. Penguin then attacks Batman with a Tommy-gun and is finally stopped by the Dark Knight, who gets the information from him using his most persuasive interrogation methods.

At Roxy's hideout, where she keeps all her rockets, Penguin's minions arrive and spy on their victim. Roxy notices this and attacks the three ladies by surprise. Roxy takes down one of them and sends the remaining two on a plane that crashes against a water tower. Batman arrives on the Batmobile and Roxy takes off on her rocket. Batman follows her using another one of her rockets and another chase takes place.

TUT 34 - Batman and Roxy

The Ultimate Thrill...

Roxy uses a remote control to destroy Batman's rocket, but the Dark Knight grapples to hers instead and climbs until they are both sharing the same rocket. Roxy locks the wheel of the vehicle and sets the direction straight to the side of a cliff, daring Batman to jump off the Rocket and save his life. However, Batman chooses to do nothing, while Roxy watches in amazement the daring response of the Dark Knight. Pleased, Roxy decides to do nothing as well and both of them approach their certain death. Seconds before the crash, Roxy screams in pleasure as Batman grabs her and jumps off the rocket in free fall. Roxy tells Batman she was certain this would be the outcome as the rocket blows up above them. However, Batman came prepared with a parachute and both of them land safely. Roxy is ecstatic, but her thrill soon turns sour as Batman handcuffs her and the police arrives to take her for good.


Actor Role
Kevin Conroy Batman/Bruce Wayne
Tara Charendoff Batgirl
Charity James Roxy Rocket/Roxanne Sutton
Paul Williams Penguin
Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. Alfred Pennyworth
Mel Winkler Lucius Fox
Rob Clotworthy Pilot
Rebecca Gilchrist Young Woman

Notes & Trivia[]

  • This episode is notable for the several sexual references and innuendos present in most of the dialogue and visuals.
  • During one of the tunnel chase scenes, Batman crashes through a truck labelled "Farmer Brown", foreshadowing his appearance in the episode "Critters".
  • One of the girls that Batgirl integrated to figure out where Roxy goes resembled Black Canary.
  • A couple of images of Roxy Rocket (riding the rocket and handcuffed) and the Penguin interrogation scene are used in the videogame Batman: Gotham City Racer.
  • The episode has been released as part of the following Home video sets: