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Arnold Wesker, better known as The Ventriloquist, is a criminal mastermind who carries a dummy named Scarface.


Arnold Wesker was a former ventriloquist in Gotham City when he suffered from schizophrenia, a psychological trauma in his youth. Wesker turned to crime and carved a dummy by the name of Scarface. His schizophrenia was manifested within the dummy, who became the dominant personality. Dubbing himself the Ventriloquist, he and Scarface went on a crime spree in Gotham.

The duo realized a series of gold vaults heists in a clockwork-like precision. The Ventriloquist's downfall came when Batman suspected about the heists, involving a criminal with logistics. After fighting Batman, Scarface was riddled by bullets and reduced to a pile of wood. The Ventriloquist was later sent to Arkham Asylum and carved himself a new dummy.

During the mock trial of Batman by the inmates of Arkham, The Ventriloquist acted as the bailiff. Whilst Batman attempted to escape with Janet Van Dorn, Scarface had his head cut off and fell down a set of stairs, after it was accidently severed by the scythe used by The Scarecrow. Wesker was also a victim of Lyle Bolton's barbaric treatment of the inmates inside Arkham's walls.


He was later released from Arkham, being misjudged to have submerged his other personality. He immediately began plotting a new scheme. When Veronica Vreeland was holding an exhibit of stuffed extinct and endangered animals, The Ventriloquist and Scarface planned to steal the animals to sell them on the black market.

However, the plan would fail due to logistics, so they recruited Catwoman into a phony partnership. While she was framed for the heists, The Ventriloquist started selling the stuffed animals for the underworld figures to the highest bidder, including The Penguin. However, Batman saved Catwoman and cleared her name. Together they defeated The Ventriloquist and he was committed once again to Arkham Asylum.