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Arnold Wesker, better known as The Ventriloquist, was a criminal mastermind who carries a dummy named Scarface in The New Batman Adventures.


Years later, Wesker passed his psychological treatment at Arkham and was given a clean bill of mental health. Wesker got a new job at Wayne Enterprises as a mail clerk and was given an apartment at Wayne Gardens Halfway House. While enjoying his new life, Wesker was confronted by Scarface's henchmen, Rhino and Mugsy. The goons even hired midget criminal Hips McManus to impersonate Scarface in an attempt to shatter Wesker's rebuilt sanity and bring back their boss. Ironically, their plan almost got Rhino and Mugsy killed. The real Scarface persona was actually laying dormant, planning to pull another heist until being prematurely awakened by his henchmen. Scarface attempted to kill them, but Batman and Batgirl intervened and saved the thugs.

Wesker then found himself caught in the middle of an intense psychological tug-of-war between Scarface and Batman, which Wesker ended by pulling out a gun and "killing" Scarface himself before getting the dummy shredded to dust by an industrial fan, thus ending Scarface once and for all. Afterwards, Wesker enjoyed a new quiet life, getting his job back at Wayne Enterprises and finding peace and quiet at last.