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Harvey Dent (A.K.A. Two-Face A.K.A. The Judge) was a former District Attorney of Gotham, but now a professional criminal in The New Batman Adventures.


Sometime later, small time crook Steven "Shifty" Drake stole chemicals from Two-Face, whom he worked for. Using a key he stole from the crook's son Tim to a locker at Gotham Airport, the bifurcated villain planned to kill the boy after a fatal coin flip, but Batman intervened. Meanwhile, Two-Face reacquired the chemicals and held the entire city hostage, threatening to create a toxic gas unless he received 22 million dollars by 2 AM. However, the city refused to pay and after a two-minute warning, he activated the chemicals. Batman and Batgirl arrived to stop them, and shortly thereafter, Tim as the new Robin. The trio stopped the machine and apprehended Two-Face once more.

Unknown to anyone, he developed a third personality known as The Judge and operated as a ruthless vigilante. The Judge appeared to be a more extreme version of Dent's good side, with a desire to wipe out wrongdoing. As "The Judge", Dent attacked Gotham's criminals, including Two-Face himself, placing their lives at risk. Batman eventually deduced the Judge's true identity and captured him. Two-Face was last seen in Arkham descending further into insanity, hearing the Judge's voice condemning him, bowing his head and repeating, "Guilty... guilty... guilty...".



  • Two-Face was one of the few characters to go relatively unchanged when Batman: The Animated Series changed to The New Batman Adventures. His new look was crisper and more in-line with the rest of the DC Animated Universe (having been given more squared-off shoulders and sharper lines on his suit), but other than that, he remained virtually the same.