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Affiliation: Society of Shadows
Portrayed by: Manu Tupou
George Dicenzo
First appearance: The Demon's Quest Part I
Last appearance: Showdown
Appears in: 4 Episodes
Ubu Gallery


Ubu is the ever vigilant and loyal bodyguard of Ra's al Ghul. Ubu never allows anyone to get too close or precede the glorious steps of his master. Ubu has had to curb his anger toward Batman and be patient due to Ra's' respect and admiration for The Dark Knight. Still he harbours much jealousy towards Batman due to Ra's' favor.


Ubu is a zealous member of the Society of Shadows. After Ra's determined Batman to be his most worthy successor, Ubu participated in a staged fake kidnapping of his master's daughter, Talia and Dick Grayson in order to enlist Batman's co-operation. Ubu and Ra's took Batman across the planet to find the "missing" duo. However, Batman caught on to the plan and easily beat Ubu in combat.

Ubu is later encountered by Batman inside the Gotham Museum, attempting to steal one half of the scroll of Osiris. Batman saved Ubu's life when the tomb of Thoth Khepera was collapsing. He developed respect for the Dark Knight and threw him a canteen of water in order to survive after Ra's al Ghul left him stranded in the Egyptian desert.