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United States of America
Flag of the United States
General Information
Capital City Washington D.C.
Population 316,176,000
Language/s English
Currency Dollar
Continent North America
Denonym American
Time Zone (UTC -5:00) (Gotham City)

The United States of America commonly called the United States (US or U.S.) and America, is a country consisting of fifty states located in central North America and is home to Gotham City.[1]


Gotham City was founded on the eastern coast of the United States by early settlers from Europe. In 1898 Ra's al Ghul and his son Arkady Duvall attempted to destroy the fledgling transcontinental railroad and seize control of the US government in a coup d'etat. However they were stopped by renegade bounty hunter, Jonah Hex.[2] Decades later, Bruce Wayne is born in Gotham City and sees his parents murdered before him. He vows to fight injustice and after decades of training he donned the mantle of Batman and protected the people of his home city for decades.