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Vertigo is the name of a terrorist of Eastern European descent who meddled in the affairs of Wayne Enterprises, which lead to him to crossing paths with first the daughter of Ra's al Ghul and then Batman.


When Wayne Enterprises was transferring a new type of sonic drill to Gotham City, an outside threat began using vertigo-based powers to cause mental hallucinations (the "Vertigo Effect") among the members of the Gotham City Police Department and Wayne Enterprises executive Lucius Fox. Batman later discovered the threat to be Vertigo, who planned to utilize the drill for his own personal monetary gain. Batman enlisted Talia al Ghul to help subdue Vertigo at his castle, but the attempt was slowed by the rogue, who used his ability to induce hallucinations on them.


It was at this point that Vertigo nearly escaped with the drill in his custode, but Batman and Talia caught up with him in the castle's bell tower. Talia, thinking quickly, clanged the bell, neutralizing Vertigo's powers in a final attempt to defeat her and Batman. Vertigo was overwhelmed by the noise of the ringing bell and fell from the tower's window and into the river below. His ultimate fate remains unknown.


Vertigo uses a vertigo-producing eyepatch which is able to emit hallucinations and various other mental illusions called the "Vertigo Effect". He also has several hideouts including an abandoned castle/monastery along with large amounts of money and land hinting at the nobility heritage he has in the comics.


Background Information and Notes[]


  • Traditionally, Vertigo is a Green Arrow villain, another of DC's heroes.