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WGOB was a Gotham City television station. One of its programs was Gotham Insider with Summer Gleeson.


Summer Gleeson hosted an interview with Roland Daggett about the Renuyu face cream at the studio. After Daggett showed a video clip demonstration of Renuyu, an obese woman from the audience reveals its addictive chemicals and harmful side effects to Summer and the audience, while Daggett tried to cover it up.

Approaching Daggett on the stage, the woman reveals herself as Matt Hagen, now calling himself "Clayface". As he tried to kill Daggett for turning him into a monster, Clayface was stopped by Batman. After a brief fight, Batman shows Clayface images of his past movie roles on every monitor in the AV room. As Batman offers Clayface to let him find a cure for him, Clayface loses control of his powers and destroys the monitors in his rage. When the police arrive, they saw Clayface briefly morphing into Bruce Wayne, making them realise that the Bruce Wayne that attacked Lucius Fox was an imposter.

As Clayface destroyed the last of the monitors, he gets electrocuted and collapses. Hagen's face briefly assumes its real — disfigured — appearance, and he laments to Batman that he has just had a spectacular death scene, but won't be able to read the reviews.



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