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Wayne Enterprises

Wayne Enterprises is the multi-national business empire. The company is owned by billionaire Bruce Wayne, inheriting it from his parents upon their deaths, though it is effectively run by his business manager Lucius Fox.


Wayne Enterprises was founded by the merchant ancestors of the Wayne family as a merchnat house. The company's headquarters were based in a scyscraper in Gotham City, which was equipped with several secret passageways that would allow Wayne to leave unseen due to his alter-ego.

The day-to-day operations of the company are managed by Mr. Fox, though Bruce Wayne was still the overall owner. Bruce also would still participate in its corporate affairs on a limited basis such as shutting down operations to clear parts of the Amazon Rainforest.

The company had several rivals such as Daggett Industries and GothCorp. Roland Daggett even went as far as to attempt to take over the company, but failed to do so. Wayne Enterprises even aided the continual running of GothCorp without compromising any of its employees after its CEO Ferris Boyle was arrested for the attempted murder of Victor and Nora Fries.

Subsidiary Companies[]

  • Wayne Biomedical Labs
  • Wayne Charities
  • Wayne Cosmetics
  • Wayne Corp
  • Wayne Foundation
  • Wayne Industries
  • Wayne Tech Enterprises
  • Wayne Tech Labs
  • Wayne Tech Optical Research Laboratories


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