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"What do you care about some leggy dame in nylons? Or have I answered my own question?"

Zatanna Zatara is a magician and stage performer who was the daughter of the renown magician Zatara.


Zatanna was the daughter of Zatara, an excellent magician who taught Bruce Wayne, under the name of "John Smith", everything he knows about escape artistry and "magic". Zatara was a world renowned magician, and was considered quite possibly the best in his field. He also passed on his teachings to his only child, a daughter named Zatanna. Zatanna gained her talent from her father, and became an excellent magician herself.

She also had a romantic relationship with Bruce, despite never knowing his real name. Zatanna always had close ties with Bruce Wayne, although Bruce was cautious of this relationship by never giving her his real name.

Years later in a show in Gotham City, she made the contents of the Gotham Mint disappear, to show up magic debunker Montague Kane. Unfortunately for her, Kane had not only seen through her trick, but was a thief, and stole the money while framing her for the crime. She was freed from custody and assisted Batman in bringing Kane to justice.

After their collaboration with Batman, she eventually recognized him as her old friend from long ago. She then told Batman that Zatara, who had passed away by this stage, would have been proud of him, putting his arts to use in fighting crime.


According to writer/story editor Paul Dini, the fishnet stockings Zatanna traditionally wears in the comic books were left off of her costume in the episode because they were virtually impossible to animate.