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"...there was something inside you I had no right to deny, something deep and painful."

Zatara was a master of escape arts and stage magic as well as being the father of Zatanna.


Being one of the greatest stage acts of his day, Zatara was approached by a young Bruce Wayne, under the alias "John Smith", who begged to learn the magician's secrets of escape arts. Even though Bruce admitted he had no intent on becoming a stage performer himself, Zatara identified how deep Bruce's desire was, and taught him everything he knew in the field. This even included secrets he had never shared with any other colleague or apprentice he had to that point.

Perhaps the only other person he shared as much with was his daughter, Zatanna. After his death, she assumed her father's role and continued his show. It is unknown if Zatara ever knew that "John Smith" was in fact Bruce Wayne, but years later, when Zatanna realized the identity of the Dark Knight, and to what use he had put Zatara's training, she told Batman that Zatara would have been proud.